[[You sigh.|session5]]
"Yes, how do you go about getting these 'blindin' shimmery trinkets?'" you ask.\n\nTrusty Tom furrows his brow. "Well, it goes like this, see. I find a precipice or lever, right? Then, when someone comes by, I murder them real good. Then I gather and catalog all their belongings. Then-"\n\n"Wait," you say. [["That last part...?"|session6]]\n\n
"Well, first I gets out my weapon of choice," he says.\n\n"Yes?"\n\n"In this instance, it's a nice sturdy pen imported from Welhelm."\n\n"No, I mean-"\n\n"Then I start writing down a brief description of each item. Estimated value, quantity, color, things like that."\n\nYou tap your pen.\n\n[["Honestly, doc, it ain't dragonology. You don't have to be a scholar to understand it."|session7]]
You clear your throat. "I mean the murder. The murder part. The part where you murder people."\n\nHe brightens up. "Oh, that's easy. I kick'em in the back into a pit full of puswasps. Or sometimes I just make the bridge go out, so they'll break both of their lil leggies. Sometimes, I just swing my arms like this and if they walk into'em, it's they're own fault!"\n\nYou stopped writing things down a while back. "Do you think all of the murder might be why you feel unsatisfied?"\n\n[[Trusty Tom gets up.|session8]]
"Well, I can't rightly say. I was just jiggering my business, selling trinkets, you see, when I had a what-da-ya-call-it?"\n\n"An epiphony?" you offer.\n\n"Sure, one of them. I got to thinkin' 'This is all there is, innit?'"\n\n"Do you like what you do?"\n\n[[He smiles|session2]]
"You bet your Crystal Gizzards I do. I sell trinkets, y'see. Shiny boubles that'll glitter ya blind. Good things."\n\nYou make a small soapstone message on your tablet- "Shiny object obsession...disciple of Vashle?"\n\n"But you find it somewhat unsatisfying. Why? What were you doing when you came to this epiphony," you say.\n\nTrusty Tom stands up to mime, "Well, I was gathering up items for sale..."\n\n[["What sort of items?" you ask"|session3]]
"Oh, the usual. Weapons, armor, wedding rings, gold fillings, barely used casts, good-condition livers and lungs, excess skin, ey-"\n\nYou drop your pen. "Tom, one moment. What goes into the process of gathering materials to sell?"\n\n[["My trinkets, you mean? They'll shine ya' eyes, they will!"|session4]]
"Well, y'see Doc, I only do it to a certain type of person. And I do it for all of them. All the old geezers I take care of." He walks towards the window.\n\nYou look up. "You...take care of old people? Are they Cursed or...?"\n\n"They're my friends, doc. I call'em my 'Artful Codgers.' Brave warriors, despite their advanced years. You're only as young as you look, you know."\n\n"Yeah," you say.\n\n"I just made that up. Here, come to the window. I sees some of'em down there right now. I'm sure they could use your help as well."\n\nYou get up to lean out the window, craning your neck, looking to the Tainted Sepulchre and the Demon-Crusted Outhouse. \n\n[["I don't see anything," you say.|fall]]
[img[youdied.png]]\n\n[[Now Loading...|session10]]
\n\n[img[trustytom.png]]\n\n[[Click Here|Office]]\n
"After you," says Tom, with a sly smile but you let him go first. He frowns and walks upstairs, eventually taking a lay-down in the Daybed of Lost Regret.\n\n"So, Tom, what brings you here?"\n\n[[He picks his teeth with his spear|session1]]\n
You grip the wash basin and look in the mirror.\n\nYou're Mellus of Ul, one of the last surviving Mnemomancers. Though Ul fell long ago, a variety of [[Sekret Rites|Rites]] and [[Forbidden Ritualz|Ritualz]] have kept you young. But this tragically long life has a miserable downside: you have to make a living somehow.\n\nSo, using your natural gifts of memory reading and listening, you've set up shop in The Silver City, operating as something of a therapist. The Curse has damaged not only the bodies of Koledran's citizens (lots of cricks in the lower G.I.) but also their minds. For those who want to hold on a little longer, you're able to coax out [[purpose and meaning.|Office]] \n\n
Note that this is a game based on a book for children and Trusty Tom's spear is definitely not a metaphor for his [[dinger.|lobby]]
Mostly Darke Pyg bloodbaths and drinking your bodyweight in Forbydden Munge once a [[year|mirror]].
The Client
"Well, get a closer look!" he shouts, thrusting the butt of his spear into your back. \n\nYou tumble out the window. When you double over the ledge, it hurts your stomach and for a brief moment, absurdly, you clutch your stomach.\n\nThis hurts, you think.\n\n[[The ground rushes tow-|session9]]
Counting the stars, but backwards. Participating in The Grand Limping Pilgrimage and Fun Run of Lost Olalsia Unilegged Orphans (For Charity). Washing your hands a lot.\n\nYou know, [[the usual stuff|mirror]]
Sitting on the worn out chair at the bottom of the stairs is a man you've never seen before. Bald, smiling, and worrying the handle on his [[spear|spear]].\n\n"'allo doc. My name is Trusty Tom. I'm right mixed up in my noggin, I am. I come to get my head straight."\n\nHe smiles.\n\n[["Please, Tom, come upstairs to my couch. Let's talk."|session]]
Trusty Tom whistles a jaunty tune while shoveling wedding pictures, crystalized baby shoes, and unspent candles into a sack. \n\n[["Bloody Mnenomancers. Hate'm."|end]]
You're in a dusty bedchamber above the Long Forgotten Community Center in the beautiful Silver City. The sun is shooting through the gossimer curtains, striking your face. It's warm and pretty and you're awake.\n\nThe Lantern of Obligation is emitting a sour tone.\n\nWhat do you do?\n\n[[Look in the mirror|mirror]]\n[[Check out the Lantern of Obligation|lantern]]
FX Butterfield
You pick up the Latern of Obligation and read the post it note on the back. \n\n"Lantern of the Dread Timekeepers of Far Killingswyrth. Used to alert its owner of visitors and pending appointments.\n\nThe Dread Timekeepers held fast to a rigorous production schedule that taxed them to insanity. The tragic truth is they held others to that schedule as well."\n\nYou sigh. No sleeping in today. You hold the lantern to the wall and a name projects upon the wall.\n\n[["Trusty Tom"|lobby]]